We have good news and bad news. The good news is: We have raised more than $200,000. Thank you, generous neighbors!

The bad news: Our original fundraising goal of $300,000 was way too low. The estimate we based that on didn’t include the cost of site prep, electrical work, or hiring a civil engineer and contractor. So…

We need your help to raise another $300,000

It’s pricier than we expected, but we are very excited about our future building. It will have a modern HVAC system that will keep our furry friends toasty warm, while also preventing the spread of coughs and colds. There will be a clinic, a quarantine area for new arrivals, and a meet-and-greet area where people can have a little quality time with their future fur-baby.

Another cool thing about our new facility is that you can have a room named after yourself or a loved one. The Cat Meet and Greet area has already been claimed, with a generous donation of $10,000. But there are several other spaces left that could have your name on them. They include:

  • The pet food bank
  • The cattery
  • Memorial benches
  • The office

Wouldn’t it be fun to see your family’s names in lights? Well, not exactly in lights, but on a nice plaque.

If you’re interested, give us a call at (304) 258-5592 or email us at hsmc-wv@peoplepc.com

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