When we opened our doors in 1978, the Bee Gees topped the charts, Jimmy Carter was president, and a gallon of gas cost 65 cents. Times have changed, but our buildings have stayed the same — and they are falling apart. Our cat trailers and dog kennel have been patched up so many times, they are currently being held together with tar paper and hope. If you donate $125 or more, you can receive a brick to be a permanent fixture of our new facility.

Support our daily operations


And have a fun time while doing it!

Our volunteers keep animals safe, healthy, and happy as they get ready for their new lifetime homes.

There are so many ways to volunteer your time to the shelter. Whether you want to visit with the animals or offer other services like marketing expertise, event engagement, construction services, fundraising, food donations, etc. we could most certainly utilize your time.


Help us Help them!

By opening your heart and home to an animal from the shelter, you are saving two lives – the animal you foster, and the one that now has ‘breathing room’ in a shelter that unfortunately often gets filled to capacity.